Adapting your network strategy to fit the changing needs of your business is a continual process. Whether your business is growing and acquiring or trimming and becoming more focused, it is imperative that your logistics strategy evolves so your supply chain holds a competitive advantage.

A proper strategy also involves the consideration and use of different partnerships. Deploying the right partners from the community of suppliers, 3PLs, and customer service offerings is an integral part of your strategy.

In typical projects, we find that clients can save up to 20% of their operating costs, while also utilizing their inventory more efficiently with a properly executed logistics network strategy.

Strategy Services


Understanding the best network strategy to support the changing needs of your business is critical. We review the current potential of your network, as well as the future ways your network will need to evolve. Achieving the proper balance of service and costs, while providing flexibility and growth, is key to having your network support the business.


3PLs today offer an intriguing option to both large and small businesses. Whether you’re looking to off-load a portion of work to a 3PL, or even your entire operation, finding the right 3PL partner who can provide the utmost service at a reasonable cost is your challenge. We have worked with many of the 3PLs today, and can assist in finding the right partner for you. We can also help in making sure the transition occurs smoothly without undue risk to your business and customers.


Today’s supply chains are complex in their design and widespread in their mission. In this web of activities, it can be difficult to determine whether you’re achieving the service and results you need, let alone whether you’re lean and efficient . Our team of highly-experienced consultants can assess the performance of your supply chain. We can determine the opportunities to streamline, collaborate, standardize, and improve. We will prioritize where to place emphasis so that the greatest and quickest results are achieved.


Your facility must deliver outstanding customer service, while also being efficient, responsive, and cost-effective.  LogistiPoint can review your operations and see how they compare to the industry’s best.  Our team will identify improvements to serve your customers better, to increase the speed and capacity of your operation, and to use your assets more effectively.

Adapting your network strategy to fit the changing needs of your business is a continual process. Is your strategy evolving?