Performance Improvement

To optimize the performance of your Distribution Center, you must make the best use of your people, facilities, equipment, and systems. Whether your goals are reducing costs, increasing output, or improving accuracy, we can maximize your DC’s performance.

Our typical engagement results in a 20 to 45% improvement in productivity, while also increasing your quality and accuracy. These projects typically pay for themselves in less than a year. And our collaborative onsite teams ensure that you have someone to support you in achieving lasting results.

Performance Improvement Services


we have an ROI mentality and some of the best payback to be made in your DC’s are via process improvements. Changing a process that is well-entrenched is not easy, however, and our consultants rigorously analyze the correct process to put in place. We then work side-by-side with your associates and management to implement the correct methods and procedures and ensure that the results are delivered.


Getting the most out of your existing operation is dependent on maximizing the contribution of your workforce. All of our staff are skilled in working with your associates and management to achieve their maximum performance. We work with your team to implement new productivity tools, and teach your management how to use these tools. Increased productivity is mandatory in today’s competitive environment, and LogistiPoint has the experience and know-how to do it right.


A significant tool to assist in improving productivity in your DC is the use of engineered labor standards. Only a fraction of DCs use ELS currently, but this will accelerate rapidly in the years ahead as the tools and techniques become mainstream. You will see a very fast payback from this investment, but it must be done properly because it is a major change for your team and your culture. We have the technical engineering skills, combined with the implementation skills, to manage this change successfully.

Ever wonder what our Performance Improvement programs look like in action and implementation? We helped one organization increase productivity by 55%. What can we do for you?