At LogistiPoint, our people make the difference. Quite simply, to deliver outstanding results, we use top-notch people and create a team environment that fosters success for our clients.

We measure the results of our work, using metrics and hard data, to ensure that we’re delivering value to our clients. We combine insight, experience, creativity, and sound engineering into crafting the best solution for you.

Our working style is focused on collaboration, teamwork, and being attentive to your needs. This hands-on approach provides cohesion with your staff and accelerates the results. When our work is done, your team is fully prepared and ready to achieve even greater success.


The Principals at LogistiPoint have decades of experience delivering results to leading clients in North America.

Randy Moore

Randy has consulted for over 30 years, concentrating on supply chain projects with the retail and consumer products industry.  During this time, he has led projects in areas such as supply chain strategy, facility design, and operational improvements.

Torre Crupie

Torre has consulted for over 35 years, conducting and leading projects in the field of distribution and logistics providing significant results for industry-leading consumer products companies.

Seth Davis

Seth has consulted for over 15 years, excelling as a leader and visionary for improving labor performances in numerous environments, including DC’s and store operations.  His expertise also includes process improvement, technology implementation, and change management for the retail vertical.


Our staff of experienced consultants, many with more than 5 years implementing supply chain improvements, dedicate themselves to implementing supply chain improvements. Our diverse team consists of consultants with varying skills, we pride ourselves on matching client needs with the ideal consultant strengths.