Promotions: Congratulations to John Miller and Peter Crupie

John Miller

We are pleased to announce the promotion of John Miller to Manager at LogistiPoint Consulting.  John has deployed successful Performance Management Programs for ANConnect and Cabela’s during his career with LogistiPoint.  During his tenure, John has developed a strong reputation for consultant development, deep thinking and innovation.  John’s easy-going style and herculean work ethic have made him sought after by clients and consultants alike.

When John is not leading at LogistiPoint, he is an avid reader, an aspiring triathlete, just finished his first snowboarding lessons in the Rockies and benefitting immensely from Caroline’s amazing epicurean skills!

Few people have contributed to the capabilities, capacity and culture of LogistiPoint Consulting as John.  Please join us in congratulating John on his promotion to Manager! 

Peter Crupie

We are also pleased to announce the promotion of Peter Crupie to Senior Consultant.  Peter was one of the first consultants at LogistiPoint, having started his consulting career with us in 2013.  He’s taken on numerous roles over the last 4 years, having always been willing to ‘go anywhere and do anything’.  His clients appreciate this attitude as they frequently ask ‘can we have Peter back?’.  His clients include Chico’s, Stella & Dot, Ralph Lauren, Maurice’s, Coloplast, Michael Kors, Walmart, and Nike. 

In his spare time Peter enjoys spending time with his family, doing work around the new home they purchased last year, the Atlanta Braves, and longing to play golf.  

Please join us in congratulating Peter on his promotion to Senior Consultant!